Monday, 28 July 2008


I'll kill Jubli later.

I am : your worst nightmare. No I haven't watched Batman yet.
I think : that you need a life.
I know : that Oscar Wilde wasn't gay and that Paris Hilton is a virgin. I do.
I want : to marry anybody who sings like Alanis.
I have : to write my math assignment. (insert swear words)
I wish : there was a multiplex near my coll, or in it. You can't bunk and go nowhere, can you?
I hate: songi peoples. :P
I miss: school. *sob*
I fear : that I'm becoming thin. Oh, am I?
I feel : that condoms are called condoms for a reason.
I hear : Page and his guitar. He can't be human.
I smell : a rat.
I crave : for ice cream. No, panipuri. Yes.
I search : for my glasses. All the time. I gotta search for em without em. How ironic.
I wonder : why people don't take laxatives when they don't give a shit to my blog posts. (Ok, pj.)
I regret : not studying for tomorrow's test. :))
I love : my friends, my teachers, my neighbour, my neighbour's dog, . . .(insert more swear words) Ok, get the first item off that list.
I ache : for ... I dunno.
I am not : who you want me to be.
I dance : like pappu.
I sing : like Cobain.
I cry : never. I don't. Haven't, actually. Ok, maybe. Go play ball or something, sheesh.
I don't always : brush my teeth.
I fight : not.
I write : shit.
I win : imaginary battles.
I lose : Burnout. :) More often than not.
I never : say a sentence without a swear word.
I always : start reading a magazine or a newspaper from the end.
I confuse : <--- self explanatory sentence.
I listen : to lectures, yeah. (swear words)
I can usually be found : in my house, not.
I need : Salma Hayek. Interested?
I am happy about : life. Eej hard, yeah, but I'm happy. Could've been better yeah, but am happy.
I imagine : a world that makes sense. It doesn't, now. And I know I'm part of the reason why.
I tag : Subhash, Ashwin and Darth Vinode.



Darth Vin Ode said...

mamamia here he goes again oh oh stinkin blogs, like his brain :P

Jubli said...

you worked real hard for it.i understand.

Anonymous said...



i miss school too....sniff sniff

Sammok said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roh!t said...

nice stuff... interesting read. you need a girlfriend.

Sammok said...

J : I didn't, actually.

F : Who doesn't. :)

Vinode : Go die.
Panipuri mafia? Heh. :D

Rohit : Erm...maybe. Gimme some intros.

lavanya snigdha said...

why did u even write this?

waste of energy sam... don't work so hard...

Jean said...

You didn't tell me you updated!!! x(

Nice shit you write just like all the other shit you write.


Sorcerer said...

geee..I bet never spent your brain like this even for exams!

workhard said...

Some of the things that you write are really u win imaginary battles.. and Paris Hilton is virgin.. do u seriously think that

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