Monday, 7 July 2008

Seniors and Senioribility

One year back.

Dumb Senior (obviously talking to respectful juniors for the first time in his life) : Dey.
Me : Oh. Hi.
DS : I had to call you twice.
Me : Oh. I didn't notice.
Dumb Senior 2 : You didn't notice?! (some slight class 3 tamil swears)
Me : No.
DS2 : time, notice. (spoiling the whole effect)
DS : Wokay. Name, department, area, song.
Me : Eh?
DS : You have a name, no?
Me : (after making up my mind to check in the mirror after getting home if my face had 'English Only' written all over it) Yeah. Sammok.
DS2 : What?
Me : Sammok. EC.
DS2 : What's that?
Me : My name.
DS2 : What does it mean?
Me : (in no mind to humour him) I dunno.
DS : Wokay, which area you are in?
Me : Main block, 4th floor, 403.
DS : Oh. Hostel a?
Me : No. Day.
DS : You live in the classroom or what?! (annoyed)
Me : No. From Korattur.
DS2 : Why your name is like that? (meaning : why is your name weird?)
Me : I dunno. Must be boring to have a normal name.
DS2 : Anyway, what song?
Me : (with genuine disinterest) I can't sing!
DS : Come on, mobile battery down da, konjam entertainment, please.
Me : I don't know any Tamil songs.
DS : Okay, sing English. You know Titanic song, no..?

... ... ...

One year later, after results.

DS : Hey da mama.
Me : Hey.
DS : How many?
Me : 75.
DS : Dogg! I asked how many! Not how much! (very very annoyed, but with slightly better English)
Me : Oh. None. You?
DS : You are EC da. Naye passanga.
(dog people, literally) I've got 6 standing from last sem.
Me : Heh.
DS : What's so funny?
Me : That girl you asked me to give that letter to, from EEE, she's got 6 too.

Moral : Seniors are dumb. You'll be a senior one day too. I am one, now. Learn.


Darth Vin Ode said...

.erm...ahem...hehe ... er..... i kicked my senior on my first day :O

Srinath said...

ROFL... dude... good one... oh well, in my engg days the senior who tried to rag me almost ended up as my batch-mate ...

Subsnumber10 said...

I got an experience too... but lol, yours were too good da.

Anonymous said...

wonderful experience :P

when i was a junior we poor juniors were made to run in the ground! sheesh! was nice playful ragging

Sammok said...

@vinode : ju musta gotten kicked back real good :D

@srinath : This particular one thankfully isn't my department :) would have been my batchmate otherwise :D

@subhash : Some experience :P I guess you gotta practice ragging in front of the mirror before doing it as such.

@fari : The ground is fuckin so far away from the buildings people don't even go there to bunk classes. They ask kids to run around the canteen acting as waiters instead.

lavanya snigdha said...

wow... i hope smthin like tht happens to me too!
and then hopefully i get to rag my seniors...
no limit to dreaming! :P

Jean said...

Are you trying to say that you are dumb now and that we shall all become dumb some day?!


ashwin said...

well! my case was different altogether. i was spendin 45 mins wid dose bastards literally doing nuthing! dose guys really got fucked up to d core!lol!

the worst thing was that they begged me to say "good evening" to them but i said "NO"... and finally another bastard came up asking where s ur dad working!

my answer was......

(but thats the truth!)

nice post buddy! 8)

Sammok said...

@jean : YES. :D

@lavanya : Heh. And then the lecturers will pay you to listen to them. Dream on. NO limit to dreaming.

@ashwin : Heck, yeah. Turn em over to the cops, Lol.

susie said...

oh my direct senior is now my junior.. :|

Sorcerer said...!!

good one..good are getting better at it!

Sammok said...

@sue : ha ha! gonna happen here as well.

@sorcerer : thanks man! you too!