Saturday, 5 September 2009

Chicken soup for the songi soul

Yes, I haven't blogged for a year. Yes, I spend Saturdays online on gtalk. And yes, I wish I could speak Japanese. What with all the loonies on earth doomed on goodness makes out when to end their sick hedonistic life, which isn't too far away, that theory created by those god forsaken sons of a what not. They made it so believable, I'm rejoicing. I wish I died at 32 though. That's like the time when thoughts stir into your head that getting laid isn't exactly the greatest of pedestals that humans dreamt of stepping on on a large, long term scale, historically speaking.

You wake up every morning to be the morbid you that you planned to be before you fell asleep that previous night. Yes, I shall write that record. Yes, I shall mug up that transmission lines derivation. Course I will clean the windows of the house, inside and outside. And for sure,I shall align source code to keep my oh so apparently non frivolous dsp lecturer happy, just so I get the bare minimum in the internals that a person needs to get through so as to keep the past semester past. And then you wake up, stare at gtalk all day, and die. Google, what would I do without you?

Songi bastards.


Sorcerer said...

you bloggin more frequently
you got a good vocabulary unlike me..whose vocabulary is more suited for more intimate conversations.

keep those posts comming

Sammok said...

thanks man. i'll sure do! :)

workhard said...


Life would be tough without Google

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санжог said...

@sorcerer: The mighy one spoke...the one with 57 followers and most of whom have shown their cleavage in their DP.

Sammok man, you look great with all those circuits around you.

I second your opinion, One Shall not do without googlifying everthing,

try twitifying, turning everything into 140 chars.
It will blow your professor's mind.

excerpt of my theisis " And the circuits where like soooo cool, and like all the diodes were like so awesome, they were like working like I dont know how! but I am like totally confident about like my circuits"

санжог said...

I went all the way to your January post, and look what you did to me (DP).

Nice work brother.

Sammok said...

thanks man! good to see you blogging(though i had no idea you blogged till now) :P

nice work as well. :)

yes, the circuits blow themselves up after a while. What with me and equijobless loserly friends overcharging resistors to get the smell of carbon burning. :D

cheers. :)

Jean said...

Google, the coffee of virtual life.

Jubli said...

Make me study!Make me study!Make me pass comfortably!If I'd only pray to God as many times I sign in to gtalk,he'd no longer be omniscient. :|