Saturday, 2 February 2008

Random messages every loser gets

Its crazy. Since the advent of free sms, people think they can get away with anything. I'm not talking about 'the sms lingo', (which I can't stand anyway). They don't have the urgency of a telephone call, nor the sophistication of an email, and we still tap away those buttons to glory.

Imagine being woken up in the middle of your night, courtesy(or the lack of it) some bummer with a barnacle for a brain. The top 5.

5. Did you know that the Vietnam Civil War was marked by many instances of uncivil behaviour?
"Yeah. Apparently, Elvis ate his blue suede shoes as a gesture of peace. In his grave, so nobody noticed."

4. Its a caterpillar trying to become a butterfly.
"Its a dung beetle that is trying to keep me awake."

3. Don't you Fidel with my Castro.
"You and your crooked ."

2. Vinod likes custard apple.
"Sammok likes custard apple pie steamed with portions of Vinod's liver."

1. Hi. I finished E.G. Looking forward to see you standing outside class tomorrow. Bye.
" Hi. Canteen food tastes not so bad. I'll spend all day there tomorrow. Bye."



Darth Vin Ode said...

i'll Message you my comments :P

Jean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean said...

Verrry Verrry Naaice!

smokey360 said...

jean: thank u

darth: no thank u :)

nidhi said...

sam good work n i mean it.. simply awesom... keep writing

lavanya snigdha said...

i think u r crazy...
hw's tht 4 a thought?

i'll ask the sith to send you an SMS parade...

Akash said...

ah good post......did anyone see my glasses????

Jubli said...

Friendship is a ship with a big hole in it.

Sammok said...

@nidhi : thank you. More shit will follow, I promise.

@lava : temme something I don't already know :P

@aka : That's potential for another good message :D

@J : I got a different version. It never sinks, or somethin of that sort.

Anonymous said...



late comment....

and i hate it when unknown people send useless messages any time of the day or night!